ATM Services

Peoples Bank is a member of the MoneyPass© ATM network. MoneyPass© is a nation-wide network.

As a Peoples Bank customer, you can utilize MoneyPass© ATMs at either no charge or for $2.00 per transaction, depending upon the type of account you have at Peoples Bank and the number of times you use an ATM each month. You can continue to use a Peoples Bank owned ATM at no charge no matter what account type you have with us. You can also receive cash back on a debit card transaction at almost any merchant at no charge.

With the MoneyPass© network you have more than 20 Lubbock locations and many more throughout this area, and the state, all part of the more than 16,000 ATMs nationwide where you can withdraw funds at no charge or at a reduced fee. Please go to the ATM locator at for a location near you. When you travel, look up ATMs along your route or at your destination location.