Larry C. Allen
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Todd McKee
Vice Chairman & Chief Lending Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Blake Boyd
President, Slaton Branch

Tim Farris
President of Rural Markets, 82nd Street Branch

Jon Drake
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Andrew O. Turner
President, 34th Street Branch

Mike Phelps
Executive Vice President & Commercial Lender (SBA Preferred Lender), 82nd Street Branch

Troy J. Vanderburg
Executive Vice President & Commercial Lending Officer, 82nd Street Branch

William Booe
Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Kevin Mitchell
Senior Vice President & Regulatory Compliance, 82nd Street Branch

Doug Willis
Senior Vice President & Consumer Lender, 82nd Street Branch

Teresa McLean
Senior Vice President & Controller, 34th Street Branch

Stephen Leist
Senior Vice President & Lender, 112th Street Branch Manager

Kelli Lytle
Customer Account Representative and Lending Assistant, 112th Street Branch

Renessa Knowles
Senior Vice President & Mortgage Department Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Lacie Walton
Senior Vice President & Mortgage Originator, 82nd Street Branch

Marcus Brockman
Senior Vice President, Lender & Nazareth Branch Manager

Anthony Foerster
Senior Vice President, Lender & Shallowater Branch Manager

Patti Dycus
Senior Vice President & Lorenzo Branch Manager

Jordan McKay
Senior Vice President & Consumer Real Estate, 82nd Street Branch

Sonia Arismendez
Senior Vice President & Lobby Services Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Chelsea Salazar
Senior Vice President & Marketing Director, 82nd Street Branch

Courtney Jordan
Senior Vice President & Business Development & Training, 82nd Street Branch

Josh Gandy
Vice President & Lender, Slaton & Lorenzo Branch

Cody Cypert
Vice President & Mortgage Lender, 82nd Street Branch

Pat Meeks
Vice President & Credit Department, 82nd Street Branch

Lynn Womack
Vice President & Credit Administration

Mark Woods
Senior Vice President, Information Security Officer & Human Resources

Clay Miller
Vice President & Lender, Post Branch Manager

Melanie Emmel
Vice President & Teller Supervisor, 82nd Street Branch

Valerie Carpenter
Vice President, 82nd Street Branch

Glenda Cox
Vice President & Doc Prep Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Dawn Binder
Vice President & Lending Assistant, Slaton Branch, Slaton Branch

Kraig Kern
Vice President, Credit Analyst, Manages Credit Analyst Department, 82nd Street Branch

Jake Mahan
Vice President & Lender, 112th Street Branch

Darla Hamer
Assistant Vice President & Credit Specialist, 82nd Street Branch

Tanya Ethridge
Assistant Vice President, Nazareth Branch

Jamie White
Assistant Vice President, Credit Specialist, 82nd Street Branch

Kelli Sehon
Assistant Vice President, Internal Auditor

Cherie Whitson
Assistant Vice President & Mortgage Loan Underwriter

Brody Berry
Banking Officer, Mortgage Operations

Dora Espinosa
Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Nazareth Branch

Angie Kieth
Assistant Vice President & Loan Doc Department, 82nd Street Branch

Peggy Sellers
Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Lorenzo Branch

Mary Schoepf
Banking Officer & Lending Assistant/CAR, Lorenzo Branch

Laura Angerer
Banking Officer & Lending Assistant/CAR, 82nd Street Branch

Kay Wallace
Banking Officer & Deposit Operations, 82nd Street Branch

Valerie Grant
Banking Officer & Credit Specialist, 82nd Street Branch

DeeDee Schmucker
Banking Officer & Lending Assistant, Shallowater Branch

Alesha Glover
Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Slaton Branch

Kevin McEndree
Banking Officer & Deposit Operations, 82nd Street Branch

Raquel Britton
Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Post Branch

Laura Simpson
Banking Officer, Deposit Operations Manager

Melissa Rodriguez
Banking Officer, Staff Accountant

Chad Sauceda
Banking Officer, Lender at Shallowater

Johnathan Surratt
IT Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Carole Lyons
Peoples Bank Ladies Coordinator, 82nd Street Branch