Who We Are



Mission Statement
Peoples Bank exists to place the needs of our employees, customers and shareholders at the center of everything we do!

Vision Statement
Peoples Bank strives to be the best company our employees ever work for, the best bank our customers ever do business with, and the best investment our shareholders ever make.

The Foundation of Our Promise

  • To uphold traditional family values.
  • To concentrate and focus on our vision.
  • To treat others as we want to be treated, to serve others as we want to be served, and to love others as we want to be loved.

The Pillars of Our Promise

  • To promote continuous growth and development of our staff.
  • To speak positively and encourage others.
  • To devote time for recreation & reflection and a balanced life.
  • To value truth, integrity, privacy and confidentiality.
  • To promote teamwork.
  • To treat all persons fairly.
  • To be a good corporate steward.
  • To value accuracy and efficiency in delivering quality service to our customers.


Peoples Bank is an independent community bank committed to meeting the needs of our customers. We bring you the best in full service banking backed by local ownership, friendly staff, advanced technology and a strong sense of community pride. Our philosophy is embedded in the belief that long-term relationships are more important than short-term ambitions. Please come in today and see what a difference it makes to work with "People That You Know".

Larry Allen
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Peoples Bank CEO