Community Banks: How Banking Local Impacts People That You Know

Here at Peoples Bank, April is one of our favorite months of the year. Why? Because it’s Community Banking Month. We are proud to be a community bank and our customers should be proud of that, too. When you bank locally, you help to positively impact your fellow West Texans.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite reasons to hold an account with Peoples Bank.

Your Money Makes an Impact

As you likely know, banks use customer deposits to make loans. Larger banks tend to funnel this money to branches around the country. While they do make personal loans, most of their business is with larger corporations. On the other hand, Peoples Bank loans are made locally.

If you are approved for a loan from Peoples Bank, we use the deposits from our local customers to extend the loan to you. And when you deposit money here, your dollars allow us to make loans to people that you know so they can buy a new car or even their dream home.

We are also dedicated to our local small business and agriculture communities. Making loans to small business owners and farmers empowers them to expand their operations. In turn, they create jobs and play a key role in driving our local economy.

Supporting Our Community

We are a small business, too. When we charge interest on a personal, home, or business loan, we’re able to keep our operations running and even open new branches. We create jobs for people that you know. We love our dedicated employees and many of our team members have been with us for many years.

While we love growing Peoples Bank, we also take a special interest in supporting our local community.Whether it’s volunteering our time, collecting donations for those in need, or funding scholarships for our community’s next generation of leaders, we are committed to giving back to our neighbors.

Local Impact, National Perks

Community banks offer many of the same solutions as national banks. So when you make the choice to bank local, you won’t have to sacrifice the latest and greatest account features and perks. With Peoples Bank, you’ll have access to the following solutions:

  • A mobile app with 24/7 electronic banking tools, like mobile check deposits
  • Mobile wallet that integrates with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay
  • Competitive mortgage- and consumer-loan products
  • Competitive checking, saving and investment products and rates
  • A national network of surcharge-free ATMs

Peoples Bank is proud to serve West Texans while practicing our core values of family, community, and service. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of community banking, visit your local Peoples Bank branch to get started today.