Go Green: The Benefits of Environment-Friendly Construction

Out here in West Texas, we have plenty of sun and wind, making it a prime region for using “Green” Construction methods.

If you are thinking of incorporating some green into your next home building, here are a few ways it will benefit not only the environment but your pocketbook, as well.

Low Maintenance and Operation Costs

By adding eco-friendly construction features in your next new home, the cost of maintaining and operating your home can be reduced. When you incorporate green construction, it ensures that you’re efficiently using resources, like water and energy.

The initial investment can pay for itself in the long run with lower water and energy bills.

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Switch to Solar

Texas is the fifth largest solar energy producing state, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. However, only about a quarter of Lubbock residents take advantage of this natural resource.

Check with your electric provider to see what steps you need to take to add solar panels to your new home.

Indoor Air Quality

If you don’t have an inch of dirt on your window sills are you even from West Texas? Keep the outdoors out there by using energy efficient windows. This will also let the natural sunlight in, light and heat your home during the cold months, and keep the cool air in during the summer. Your allergies will thank you.

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