Giving Back: Donating Before the End of the Year

As 2016 enters the homestretch, you’re likely to get plenty of requests for charitable donations. This could be a great and helpful reminder to give your favorite West Texas charity or discover a new charity that you want to help.

Besides the joy of helping others and giving back to the community, your end-of-year donation could provide a tax deduction. Consult your account for tax details.

Where to donate

Once you have an understanding of the guidelines concerning your end of year donation, it’s time to choose your favorite charity. Needless to say, there are many ways you can make an impact in the Lubbock area, including those listed here:

High Point Village

High Point Village is a residential community that challenges people with functional disabilities to reach their full potential. It’s a place where persons with special needs can have the quality of life they desire and deserve.

Ronald McDonald Charities of the Southwest

This organization provides a variety of important services, such as lodging for seriously ill children and family rooms in hospitals. The Ronald McDonald House in Lubbock is a 17-room facility.

American Diabetes Association

More than 33,000 people in Lubbock live with diabetes daily. The ADA fights all types of diabetes and aims to better the lives of individuals living with diabetes.

The Inside Out Foundation

The Inside Out Foundation was established in Lubbock to meet the aesthetic and emotional needs of women who have suffered physical and emotional loss due to disease, environmentally-caused skin and hair conditions, traumatic events, severe burns, and abuse. All of its services are free to clients.

Feed Seniors Now

Part of Lubbock’s Meals on Wheels program, Feed Seniors Now helps ensure that seniors who are homebound and/or can’t prepare their own meals will have enough food to last a weekend when deliveries aren’t being made. Meals on Wheels estimates that it will prepare and deliver over 700 holiday meals to Lubbock residents this year.

There are many other ways to help others in our local communities, and we have made it our mission to give back to the community regularly, serving as “People That You Know.” We ask that you take the time to consider donating before the end of the year to serve the needs around you.