4 Reasons to Go to a Local Bank for Your Mortgage | Peoples Bank

When you set out to purchase a new home, you’ll find many options for financing from big banks to online mortgage companies. What many people don’t realize is that local, community banks have a lot to offer home buyers. Here are four reasons to work with a local bank on your mortgage.

Personal Touch

At “big banks,” mortgage departments receive hundreds, if not thousands, of loan applications per month. Did you complete an application? These applications are typically routed through a central processing center where they are assigned a loan application number, this is how the bank will “know” you going forward.

In contrast, at your Peoples Bank home loan center, you’ll be known as you, with a first and last name. It’s also easier to get through to your loan officer and when you do, they’ll remember you and most likely even details about your application.

Local Network & Connections

As we mentioned above, larger lenders tend to do business out of centralized processing and call centers. Often times, this means that your loan officer does not have a relationship with your realtor, builder, or appraiser. Local lenders, on the other hand, work hard to build networks and relationships with these people. It puts them in a better position to resolve any conflicts that may arise during the loan qualification process. It also means you have more people working together to help you meet your home buying (or refinancing) goals.


What is another reason to go to a local bank for your mortgage? Simplicity. Obtaining a home loan from your local bank can help you prevent hassles. And in today’s busy world, who doesn’t like the sound of that? Using your local bank, where you also have checking and savings accounts, can reduce the number of steps you go through to pay your mortgage each month.

Commitment To Community

Local lending institutions, like Peoples Bank, are more likely to support local charities and community causes, too. So your loan helps to bolster the local economy.

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