What is the Women’s Business Forum: West Texas Networking

A program for women by women

Here in West Texas, the area around Lubbock and the surrounding communities may seem expansive and widespread. And it is, geographically speaking. If you look closer, the business network out here is actually close-knit. To be a successful business owner, you must tap into the network and work together as a community.

At Peoples Bank, we love to see local businesses grow. Through the Women’s Business Forum, we aim to foster a community of women business leaders.

The purpose of the Women’s Business Forum is to bring together specialized and professional women in business for the purpose of learning about best practices and strategies to help their business grow and increase profitability. Members gather monthly to network and share experiences relevant to professional growth and development.

Members of the Women’s Business Forum come from diverse backgrounds and specialize in all types of business, including:

    • Health Care Professionals, Physicians, Dentists, Orthodontists
    • Fitness and Wellness Professionals
    • Attorneys, CPAs, Legal and Financial Professionals
    • Professors and Educators
    • Realtors and Investors
    • Marketing and Advertising Professionals
    • Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Business Owners
    • And more

Each monthly meeting has a different topic that targets best practices and strategies for women in business. From forming an LLC to paying income taxes, strategic planning, social media marketing, and public relations, to community engagement and work-life balance, there is truly something for everyone to learn. Each member has an opportunity to present her business to the group.

At the inaugural meeting in September, Barbara Glanz, a Certified Speaking Professional, and renowned public speaker gave a captivating presentation on ten simple truths in customer service.

The Women’s Business Forum meetings are held at Peoples Bank on the second Thursday of every month from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm with lunch provided. Membership in the Women’s Business Forum is invite only, but feel free to contact us for more info about the program.