Mobile App: A Mobile Wallet Offers More Ways to Pay with Peoples Bank

Today, 77 percent of American adults own a smartphone. What can’t you do with a smartphone? We use them to stay connected to friends and family, find the best restaurant in town, and even hail a ride to the airport. You already use your phone for just about anything, and now you can pay with it, too.

That’s right, wherever you have your phone, you can have your funds. Simplify your shopping experience with your Apple or Android smartphone by adding your Peoples Bank debit card to your mobile wallet.

Setting Up Your Mobile Wallet

Getting started is easy, but the process is slightly different for each type of smartphone.

The first step is to locate the mobile wallet app for your brand of smartphone.

image5.png For Apple users, search for “wallet” to bring up the wallet app.

Pro Tip: You can use Siri and simply say “wallet” to bring up the wallet app.

image3.png For Android phones, find the Google Pay  app.

image2-1.jpg For Samsung phones, you will download the Samsung Pay™ app.

Open the correct app and follow the on-screen instructions to add your debit card. Each app will provide you with a one-time passcode to activate your card via email or text message. You can choose how to receive your passcode, but note it will be sent to the email or phone number that Peoples Bank has on file for you.

Making Purchases with Mobile Wallet

Making purchases with your new mobile wallet is incredibly easy. The next time you’re at the checkout counter, look for the contactless symbol (pictured below) to know if the retailer accepts mobile wallet.

Hold your smartphone over the card reader to process the payment. Apple users will need to hold their finger on the touch ID button to approve the transaction.

image4.pngLook for this symbol at checkout!

When shopping online, some retailers will give you the option to pay with your mobile wallet instead of entering your card information. You can also use mobile wallet to make purchases within apps, such as Starbucks or Uber.

Mobile Wallet Security

Not only is using a mobile wallet fast and easy, it’s also a secure way to pay. Your card number is never stored on your device, and you can add extra layers of security, such as requiring a fingerprint scan to use any card. It’s important to remember however, that debit card fraud is real and you are the key to preventing fraudulent activity.

For questions or help setting up your mobile wallet, please contact your local Peoples Bank.