Advantages of the MoneyPass ATM Network: Avoid Surcharge Fees

Picture this. You’re out of town having a great trip with the family and you realize you’re running a bit low on cash. Time to stop at an ATM. You locate the nearest one and begin your transaction. Come to find out, there is a $3.00 surcharge fee because the machine you’re using is not operated by your bank.

Did you know that surcharge fees may be as high as $5.00 in some locations? At Peoples Bank, we believe that our members shouldn’t have to pay more to access their money. That’s why we’ve joined the MoneyPass ATM network. This service is great for students living away from home, business and leisure travelers, and members of the military. If you’re a Peoples Bank account holder, you automatically have access to MoneyPass and it’s many advantages.

Here are a few benefits you’ll love.

Surcharge-Free ATMs

MoneyPass gives you access to a growing network of 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the country. With this access, you can travel with more peace of mind knowing you don’t need to carry around large amounts of cash on trips.

Easy Cash Deposits

The MoneyPass Network allows Peoples Bank customers to conveniently make cash deposits at thousands of ATMs as well. Remember, if you need to deposit a check, you can always do so from the Peoples Bank Mobile App.

Easy to Use ATM Locator

So how do you find these magical surcharge-free ATMs? Easy! You can search for MoneyPass Network ATMs online at OR download the free MoneyPass mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

Joining the MoneyPass ATM Network is just one more way we are committed to being your local, community bank that offers national perks.

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