How To Prepare for Moving Day: Tips to Declutter Your Home

When preparing for moving day, the urge to purge items you no longer use or want to move with you makes cleaning out an urgent necessity. Use these tips to declutter your home and start fresh!

Fill One Bag Per Day

Depending on how much clutter you have, if you fill one trash bag per day, there’s no need to break your back, especially if you get an early start before a big move. Start with those stacks of paper piling up on your kitchen counter or other items you know need to go directly in the dumpster.

By getting rid of trash first, this clears the way for items you need to give to charity or want to sell.

Break It Up Into Categories

After you’ve cleared all the trash out of your home and garage, it’s time to go through personal items. Get rid of clothes your family no longer wears or clear out the playroom. It helps if you have at least a couple boxes in order to do this step. Label one “sell” and the other “donate.” Clothing in good condition can be sold online or a resale shop to earn a little extra cash. Or, you can always donate to Goodwill or a local charity.

Plan to do one room per day to keep up your momentum. Going through clothes, especially if you have a lot, can be a daunting task.

Take Stock Of Big Items You No Longer Need

If you’re moving into a new home that includes kitchen appliances, make plans for any appliances you will no longer need. These items sell well online. You can either charge more to deliver the appliance if you are able, or tell the buyer they must pick up (MPU).

This applies to any furniture you no longer want or will not fit in your new house. Put that old sectional couch online or donate to a local charity or a college student in need.

By planning ahead and methodically clearing out your things, you can be ready for your move or finally enjoy coming home to a less-cluttered home.

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