Protecting Yourself Against Banking Security Scams | Peoples Bank

Victims of fraud and other banking security scams always seem to be someone else. That is until it happens to one of us.

The bottom line is that anyone can be targeted for banking or financial scams, whether we think it would ever happen to us or not. But you can certainly reduce your risk of becoming a victim by taking advantage of security measures your bank has in place and by being aware of what common scams are and their warning signs.

At Peoples Bank, our commitment to your banking security is at the heart of everything we do. We not only offer the convenience of banking from anywhere you have web access through our Online Services but the security to do so with confidence.

Free Services to Protect Your Accounts

These services can be used by Peoples Bank customers to protect their accounts.

Automatic fraud protection

All Peoples Bank cardholders are automatically enrolled our Fraud Center. The Fraud Center has you covered; they’ll call you if there are any unusual transactions on your account when compared with activity in the previous 90 days.

Can’t find your debit card

With our Peoples Bank Mobile app, you can simply change the status of your card to “Suspend.” whenever it’s lost or stolen. This will prevent any further activity on your card. When you find your card, just change the status to “Active.” Be sure call your local branch to speak with a Customer Account Representative while it’s lost.

Your card is lost or stolen

If your card is truly lost (or stolen), you can use your Mobile App to mark your card “Lost/Stolen.” You can also use your online banking account to report a stolen or lost card. You should quickly contact a Customer Representative at your local branch during business hours. After banking hours call 1-866-546-8273.

SMS Guardian

Would you like the convenience of text alerts on your phone when possible fraudulent activity occurs? Peoples Bank has you covered through our use of the SMS Guardian system which will alert you – via text – whenever certain transactions are made (such as transactions over $200, or an out-of-state transaction). Learn more on their website here.

Other Safeguards

There are other safeguards you can and should take, such as letting your Peoples Bank branch know when you’ll be traveling, whether it’s in-state, out of state, or out of the country. With this information, your local branch is prepared should any unusual transactions appear on your account.

You should also be on the alert for ransomware, which are files you inadvertently download that hold your computer ransom. Protect yourself by only clicking on websites and links that you know are trustworthy.

It’s also never a bad idea to frequently change the PIN number on your debit card and the password for online banking. Experts recommend changing them twice a year.

We have your safety and security in mind. Visit your local branch to learn more about each of these services from our Customer Account Representatives.