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Peoples Bank Home Loan Center offers FREE Pre-Qualification to prospective home buyers.


Peoples Bank offers you a complete mortgage loan service through our Home Loan Center. We offer FHA, VA, and conventional financing. Peoples Bank provides interim financing for construction, and our Home Loan Center provides permanent financing for your new home or refinancing for your present home. Our friendly and professional staff has years of Mortgage Loan experience to serve you.


Renessa Knowles
Senior Vice President, Mortgage Department Manager
NMLS# 333805
Direct: 806-776-2037
Cell: 806-790-7961
[email protected]

Renessa Knowles has been in the mortgage business for more than 30 years and is currently a Senior Vice President and Mortgage Department Manager at Peoples Bank. She is a member of the West Texas Homebuilders Association, the Lubbock Board of Realtors, and served on the board of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association from 2011-2017. She is also a past president of the Fort Worth Mortgage Bankers Association.

Renessa is dedicated to making sure your home loan experience moves quickly and smoothly through the entire loan process.

Renessa is an ’84 graduate of Coronado; married Jeff Knowles in 1988; and together they have raised three sons; Austin, (who currently serves in the US Air Force) Justin & Gatlin.

Renessa and Jeff attend Turning Point Community Church. She enjoys cooking and watching Dallas Stars Hockey. Renessa is passionate about American Diabetes Association and raising awareness of diabetes in hopes to find a cure during her kids’ lifetime.

Lacie Walton
Senior Vice President, Mortgage Originator
NMLS# 469782
Direct: 806-776-2088
Cell: 806-441-8036
[email protected]

Lacie Walton has been in the mortgage business for over 22 years and is currently a Senior Vice President and mortgage originator at Peoples Bank Home Loan Center. She is very active with the West Texas Homebuilders Association and Lubbock Board of Realtors. She has a great reputation in this business and has a strong realtor and builder following.

Lacie has been married to Mike Walton for over 19 years and they have one daughter, Carley. Lacie was raised in Lubbock and graduated from Frenship High School and Texas Tech University. She is active in her church at Wolfforth United Methodist Church.

She loves to read, travel and spend time with her family. Some of her favorite vacation spots include Colorado and Florida. Lacie is an avid Red Raider fan and loves animals. A fun fact about her is that she can eat icing by the container.

Cody Cypert
Vice President, Mortgage Originator
NMLS# 933805
Direct: 806-776-2045
Cell: 806-392-2061
[email protected]

Cody Cypert has been in the mortgage business for over 18 years and is currently a Vice President and mortgage originator at Peoples Bank Home Loan Center. He has experience in several mortgage areas, including underwriting. Cody is a certified Direct Endorsement Underwriter with FHA and is a certified Staff Appraisal Reviewer with VA. Cody is very passionate about helping others buy their dream home or refinance existing loans.

Cody, a native of Haskell, Texas, married Breann over 15 years ago and they have two children, Averie and Mason. He is a member of the Monterey Church of Christ and is a Board Member of The Frenship Foundation for Leadership.

Cody enjoys watching his kids play sports, hunting, golfing, riding ATVs and drag racing. He loves to eat Mexican food and Seafood.


Peoples Bank Home Loan Center would be honored to help you turn your dream into reality when purchasing your new home. We understand that buying a home may be your largest financial decision you’ve made, so it is important to know what steps to take and what you should expect.

What to expect from your realtor?

Allow you to preview available homes that suite your needs, which you’ve defined.
Negotiate the best deal for you. If you have a Pre-Qualification letter from Peoples Bank, your Realtor will be able to present you as a qualified borrower.

What to expect from Peoples Bank Home Loan Center?

Assist you in selecting the best loan to meet your personal goals, which can save you thousands of dollars in the years ahead. Communicate with you and keep you informed of your loan status throughout the entire process. Provide the best rates and fees possible.


from pre-qualification to closing


1- 2 days

Visit with lender on process of loan. Provide basic info to review credit and discuss income/assets for loan program and amount you can qualify for. A credit report will be pulled and reviewed and potentially a pre-qualification (PQ) letter is prepared upon request. You should also begin gathering all supporting items that will be requested by the lender later in the process. (These items include but not limited to: last 2 years tax returns, W-2s, 30 day paystubs, last 2 months bank statements, photo id and proof of social security number) This PQ will be good for 90 days.

Shop for house and make offer

1-3 months depending on season and your timeline

You and your Realtor will meet regularly until you find your dream home and make an offer.
Upon acceptance of that offer you will have a home inspection completed during your option period of the contract.

Initial application and disclosures from lender

*timeline and clock begins (to meet closing date) 30 day example*

1- 3 days

You will either meet in person with your lender or sign electronically the required disclosures upon receipt of an executed contract. At this time you should have all your requested documentation and provide it to your lender after signing these initial disclosures; If not, this could cause delays.

Processing of your loan

10-15 days

The lender will order title, insurance, verifications, appraisal and survey from various service providers in the loan process. Additional items are sometimes requested upon review of documents as they are received. Upon receipt of all items the file is submitted to an underwriter.

Underwriting of the loan

1-5 days

The underwriter reviews all loan documents to insure the borrower(s) qualifies based on credit, income, funds to close and product guidelines. If questions arise, more items could be requested and the file is returned to processing (which then will re-start underwriting time frame upon re-submission) When file is approved, the file is submitted to the closing department


3-5 days

The closing department receives the file from underwriting and begins data input and review of legal documents and begins working with the title company. Legal documents are requested from doc prep attorney and collaboration with the title company closer for preparation of Closing Disclosure (CD); this CD must be in the borrower’s hands and acknowledged 3 business days prior to closing. Upon approval from attorney and title company, and CD acknowledged by borrower, closer can release closing package to the title company


1(purchase)-4 (refinance) days

This is the day you sign your final documents and all legal transfer documents for the house to become yours. The lender will fund the loan upon receipt of signed documents. If a refinance, a 3 day wait period is required before funding.


Peoples Bank Home Loan Center would like to welcome you to visit our location at 5820 82nd Street in Lubbock. Our lobby is open from 9:00AM-4:00PM Monday thru Friday.

If you are not available to meet during those times, please contact the office at 806-472-4439 to schedule an appointment with one of our mortgage experts.

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